Hands Of Faith


Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness reflects a positive attitude towards life and faith, which helps to

change the impossible things into possibilities in people’s lives despite the normal ups

and downs in life.

Spiritual wellness is an evolutionary process of discovering meaning and purpose of life

and includes: seeking truth, thinking of others, healthy eating, loving, playing, serving,

working and healthy sleep habits. Spiritual wellness corresponds to harmony with

oneself and others.


It helps physiologically by controlling the secretion of hormones, improving blood

supply and other metabolic activities of the body. This helps keep one spiritually healthy

with elated moods of joy, happiness and wellness.

It helps in reducing stress level and depression, which is the main problem faced by

people in the world today. It slows the process of aging and makes one less likely to get

ill. People who are spiritually healthy live longer life than other people.

It helps to lower blood pressure and makes it less likely to put people at risk of heart


It reduces blood sugar level, reduces the chances of diabetes, improves digestion, and

the immune system.

It helps in sustaining concentration and studies show that it improves brain wave

function and gives the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Spiritual practices and exercises help to improve memory and cognition.

We are here to assist you on your journey to total Mind, Body & Spiritual Wellness.