Hands Of Faith


It is our philosophy that taking care of the mind is as important as taking care of the


Think about what you have learned in the past . . . . now imagine what you wish to learn

in the future. We are in the position to teach you what you have yet to learn to enhance

your life, such as teaching you to feel good every day. We feel there is a strong

probability that most people can learn to continually feel good. Acquiring the knowledge

to feel good daily is like learning to be healthy. With the right exercise and proper

nutrition, our bodies can master good health. By learning self-improvement skills, and

with your motivation to practice them every day, you will begin to constantly feel

emotionally safe and stable. By learning an alternative method of wellness, you can

combine this with other areas that you have already used successfully.

Hypnosis has been regarded as a uniquely successful method of accomplishing personal

goals. Unless you have been hypnotized before, remove from you mind everything that

you have seen or heard about hypnosis. Disregard your assumptions of what you think it

feels like to be hypnotized. Often, if an individual has observed stage hypnosis, it can

become confusing when experiencing hypnosis in a private setting. Stage hypnosis is

completely different from clinical hypnosis. Stage hypnosis works well on very few

people and the suggestions are strictly for entertainment purposes. Personal hypnosis

can work with almost everyone.


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