Hands Of Faith


According to research, most infants born today have more than 300 toxins in their tiny bodies. It’s really sad that we begin our lives in such a toxic swamp. Additionally, it has been noted by leading experts in the field of environmental toxins that the primary driver of chronic disease in the industrialized world is environmental toxins. "Moreover, while nutritional deficiencies and or excesses are still a problem; the even bigger problem is the metals and chemicals that we are poisoned with every day. These toxins are not only in our environment, but also in our food, water, personal care and cleaning products and many other avenues whether we like it or not”. Believe it or not, studies have shown that polar bears, in the Artic, Canada, Russia, Alaska, Greenland and Norway now have hypothyroidism and osteoporosis due to the pollutants found in their once pristine waters.

Additionally, consider for a moment that many of us have been exposed to the cancer causing toxins of cigarette smoke, whether first hand or second hand. These very toxins may be contributing to our allergies, brain fog, low energy levels, bloating, chemical sensitivities, irritated skin, puffy eyes or bags under the eyes, menstrual problems, physical aches and pains, and more. These toxins also accelerate signs of aging like lines, wrinkles, age spots, and thinning hair, easy weight gain, or a hard time keeping weight off after you lose it. You may just be sick all the time.

Common Signs of Toxin Buildup include:



Joint Pain



Mood Swings

Abdominal Pain

Skin Conditions

Sinus Congestion

Chronic Backache

Immune Weakness

Hormonal Imbalance

Blood Sugar Problems

Difficulty Concentrating

Finally, as our bodies are continually assaulted by so many toxins, our cells begin to die or become sickly and less effective. You can’t have a healthy heart, liver, kidney, skin or other organs without healthy cells. 

Detoxification helps to stave off illness and helps keep you feeling young, happy and vibrant. I love when my clients and patients tell me that they attended a high school or college reunion and their former classmates were amazed at how young they looked.