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The Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers offers three types of massage: relaxation, therapeutic and medical massage. We also offer energy medicine, including acupressure, Shiatsu and Reiki. How do you know which is right for you? Take a moment to explore the various healing options available at the Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers. Then call us, and we will expertly design a healing path exclusively for your personal well-being.

Often considered a creative gift idea or personal splurge, relaxation massage can help reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve overall body function. The most noticeable immediate result is an overall feeling of relaxation. Relaxation massage is a straightforward session using classic Swedish massage strokes and techniques. Light to medium pressure is applied, depending on preference, with the intention of helping clients relax. (See Price List for more info)

Therapeutic massage is somewhat different from relaxation massage. Using your personal intake form, your massage therapist will craft a personal massage therapy plan best suited to your healing journey. In addition to relaxation massage techniques, your massage therapist will also employ advanced healing techniques, such as deep tissue massage and/or trigger point therapy, to relieve pain or address chronic health issues. (See Price List for more info)

Therapeutic applications of massage therapy include:

  • Chronic body aches and pains

  • Oncology massage or palliative care

  • Pediatric massage, especially for special needs children with Autism and Down's Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sports injuries

  • Repetitive stress or strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Arthritis

  • TMJ or jaw concerns

  • Posture and weight issues

Medical massage differs from traditional massage therapy. The term "medical" describes how this type of massage is unique from society's general interpretation of massage therapy; medical massage moves from a relaxation paradigm to a therapeutic, corrective and restorative paradigm. Most procedures must fit into the time limits set by insurance carriers; thus, medical massage is much shorter, very specific and extremely effective. (See Price List for more info)

Medical massage, sometimes also known as therapeutic massage, is a massage orientation style, rather than a particular set of techniques. It is not general relaxation massage; it is anatomically precise and patient-specific. Your medical massage therapist combines education, training, experience and intuition to create an integrative manual-therapy approach to reduce your soft-tissue related complaints. Medical massage treatments may consist of frequent visits for the first few weeks or months; this might include half hour massages three times a week, or weekly hour massages for a few months.

Medical massage treats physician-prescribed conditions such as:

  • Whiplash

  • Torticollis

  • Cervical strain

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Rotator cuff strain

  • Tennis/golfer's elbow

  • Lumbago

  • Sciatica

  • ROM limitations and more

FOREVER YOUNG: BELLANINA® FACELIFT MASSAGE SYSTEM (FORMERLY BELAVI FACELIFT MASSAGE). Facial massage is not new. Historical records dating back thousands of years show that the Chinese discovered that pressing certain "acupressure" point on the face caused a greater flow of blood and oxygen to the facial area which promoted a release of tension, a softening of the lines and a toning and tightening of sagging skin. Facial massage, long held in high regard by celebrities and those in the public eye, is now gaining notoriety and favor by the masses of baby boomers, now in their prime. If you are seeking facial fitness or considering plastic surgery, we suggest that you give this wonderful anti-aging treatment a try. (See Price List for more info)

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